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Rund Samman

Rund Samman on Wave 2's Arabic Alphabet design: "With my origins rooted in the beautiful kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I was brought up a native Arabic speaker. Unfortunately, throughout the years and with different generations evolving, the Arabic language seems as though it is slowly disintegrating into branches that are not interconnected and is causing it to lose its beauty and strength. Once I started my studies as a Graphic Designer, I learned more about Arabic on a broader spectrum and fell in love with both typography, as well as Arabic calligraphy. The way the letters are intertwined, and the way they form together to create an array of beautiful artwork with the simple concept of letters and nothing else...

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M. Abu Gharbieh

M. Abu Gharbieh on the Wave 1 designs: "The designs were inspired from the true nature of the Arabic culture and our beloved Arabic language. It symbolizes our love to the Arabic language and the beauty of every single letter that makes it so unique in its own way. Every design was made with passion and love to our language with a small message that hopefully would resonate with this whole world." Instagram:

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Haya Shujaa

H. Shujaa on the logo: "I wanted the logo to represent everything the brand believed in. The simplicity of the design brings elegance and makes it timeless. I admire the logo as It beautifully trademarks the power of the messages that Arabic art can portray. Every design holds a meaning that I know people will resonate with and I wanted the logo to be a symbol for that." Instagram:

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