Rund Samman

Rund Samman

Rund Samman on Wave 2's Arabic Alphabet design: "With my origins rooted in the beautiful kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I was brought up a native Arabic speaker. Unfortunately, throughout the years and with different generations evolving, the Arabic language seems as though it is slowly disintegrating into branches that are not interconnected and is causing it to lose its beauty and strength.

Once I started my studies as a Graphic Designer, I learned more about Arabic on a broader spectrum and fell in love with both typography, as well as Arabic calligraphy. The way the letters are intertwined, and the way they form together to create an array of beautiful artwork with the simple concept of letters and nothing else takes my breath away.

I focused most of my projects around the art of Arabic typography in order to inspire people and allow them to fall in love with it once again through design. My designs.

I began this venture with the technique of graffiti inspired designs on a pair of shoes for a university project about a year ago which ultimately inspired me to create my Dayeb Typeface. Dayeb is a bubbly and playful Arabic typeface inspired by the drips of spray paint cans used for graffiti while combining the visual sweetness of forms of candy melting away.

I chose graffiti and spray paint because of the subliminal message behind the use of the material as well as the art form — it’s limitless. There are no rules that subject your creativity allowing you to leave a mark. The message resonates in the idea of freedom and letting go of the restriction to art on a canvas, screen, or piece of paper.

I created the Dayeb Typeface in the very first week of the COVID-19 pandemic as a project of self expression and to allude to the idea of freedom from within.

I believe Dayeb is a perfect fit for this collection because it shows everyone that the Arabic language and all of its elements can be deemed as fun and beautiful. These letters can be used as a form of self expression in their truest form. And, lastly, whilst staying true to your origins, they can also set you free."